Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Live Your Life From Your Heart

The ART  This quote is by Melody Beattie.  She wrote the book, Co-Dependent No More and several other really great books.  I recommend her books.  They have helped many, many people with Codependent issues.

I typed the words in MS Publisher and printed them on a copy machine. The font is one of the free ones from Dafont. Then I used a tape transfer to make them transparent.  This method is packing tape over the words. Burnish the paper really well and then soak the taped pieces in warm water.  The warm water is the key.  The paper just peels off with a little light rubbing.

The hearts are pages from an encyclopedia. They are hanging from some of my stash of fiber.

The background was painted with green paint and then stenciled with yellow, orange and violet paint using a Tim Holtz stencil.  The white streaks were made with a credit card and gesso.

Link to:  The Documented Life Project Art Journal Everyday

FEELINGS In the past 15 years, I have met many people who lived their lives from their hearts. Their stories and their truth did touch my life and help heal my soul. When I was at my lowest, most depressed and anxious, they were there for me.  The showed up and they told their stories sharing their experience, strength and hope.  They showed me that if I just would follow the program and do the work my life would get better.  They were correct.  I thank God for them.

Learning to: act instead of react, mind my own business, love myself and most of all give it to God were the hardest things I've ever done. I'm so grateful that I persevered.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


 What is that saying about art imitating life? I think this page does that.  

The Art: I started by using a square piece of foam that was used as filler in a Tim Holtz Texture Fades package. I stamped squares on three sides of the page in gray, green, purple and hot pink.  The next layer was the piece of paper towel at the top of the page. I added a bit of orange to it.  Then I added the purple text that I stamped on tissue paper using a Hero Arts stamps.  There is a small piece of numbers from an old book I have.  The text at the bottom is an advertisement for paper and the very tiny text is a stamp I got at Michael's and stamped on tissue paper.I love stamping on tissue paper because it lets the other layers show through.  

The final layer is a napkin with a flower on it. I use a water color paint brush and a bit of water to "cut" around the flower.  I used sharpie paint markers for the writing and the outlines of the flower.

Thoughts: I know that I am made of many layers.  When I was young I was often a different person depending on who I was with at the time. I wanted people to like me so I tried to be what others wanted me to be.  It's taken 60 years for me to learn that I am who I am.  I've grown and changed a lot from age 40 to age 60.  I am more free and open.  It took a while to learn that I don't have to tell every thought to every person I meet.  I've learned to trust my instincts and now I find it a bit easier to know who it's ok to let see all of my layers.  

It's a fine line.... being myself and protecting myself from those who might hurt me. It's all about boundaries, trusting my instincts and learning from my mistakes.

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