Monday, October 13, 2014

Perhaps they are not stars

The prompt this week in The Documented Life Project is Stars.  

The background is painted with Payne's Gray by Golden. I think Payne's Gray may be my new favorite color.  

I stamped the stars with Brilliance Starlight Silver Ink and then embossed with clear embossing powder.  If you are new to Brilliance Ink, I have to tell you, it is wonderful. It's shimmers, dries on glossy card stock and it's permanent. 

After I did the background I took a pen and I wrote the names of people who I care about who have died. You can't see them but I know they are there.

The words are one of my all time favorite stamps and is made by River City Rubber WorksI love the idea that my loved ones are shining down from heaven letting me know that they are happy.  

The words were stamped in white and embossed in clear powder on a piece of deli paper. I put purple paint on the backside of the deli paper so the words would show on the dark background.

This is a very simple page but one that touches my heart.

Link to: The Documented Life Project , Paint Party Friday

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cut Up Your Stencil?????

I love Carolyn Dube. I may have said that before. I really think Carolyn and I might be Art Soul Sisters who have never met. I love her laid back philosophy about art.  There are so many times I watch one of her videos and I hear her say something that I've thought or done.  

In her latest video, she actually takes a pair of scissors to one of her stencils. I confess I have also done this.  

Then she gives herself permission to leave a page unfinished.  I have recently given myself permission to do that as well.  I was thinking about some of my unfinished pages as I prepared for my day.  Lo and behold, I look online an hour later and here is Carolyn doing a video about that very subject.  Check out her video here.  I love that tree.

Here is a page I started before my hand surgery...

It is made from scraps of gelli prints and paint. When I'm not sure what I want to create, I often start by throw some paint on the page and then gluing leftovers on the page.

I don't know if it's finished or not... What do you think? 

Link to: Carolyn Dube

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cross Stitched Advent Calendar by Janice

I'm sharing other artist's work while my hand is healing.

Isn't this a wonderful gift?  My co-worker, Janice Kelly, made it.  It is backed with foam board so you can add a piece of candy to each day with a push pin.  Some little boy is going to be very happy when he receives this. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sore Paw

I had Hand surgery on Friday so I won't be typing for a week or two.

I'll be back soon!!!

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Math in Art? Sure Why Not?

I am a very blessed person. I can name 8 friends who would be there for me if I was really in need.  These are people who have given me emotional support through some really hard times. I didn't realize there were so many until I started to write this blog. I am honored and amazed to be loved by these wonderful people.

I made this card for one of them. She will know it's for her because of the background. I made that background just for her.  She has a thing for numbers and Halloween.  
I made the background in MS Publisher.  It is the part of the endless number of Pi.  Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.. Its a transcendental number. Its decimal representation never terminates nor repeats. It is my friend's favorite number.  

The trees are a Crafter's Workshop stencil and Archival Sepia Ink.  I used Archival Library Green and Manganese Blue and Adirondack Terracotta on the background.  The pumpkins and witch are cut from cotton fabric. The grass is two shades green Distressed Stickles. It is so fun to make something for someone when you know they will really like it.


 This is how I feel about my blog right now!!!
Picture from Kid's Guide

If you look at my past posts on this blog you will find a lot of gray triangles with exclamation points in them.  Wellllll, here's what happened, I think.

I had to change my email address.  When I did, I realized that my blog, my facebook and a bazillion other things were attached that address.  It took me over a week to get things switched and I'm still not sure I got them all.

I thought all was going well until someone told me I had a missing link on my blogs. After a little research I believe that all those pictures were some how attached to that email address and stored in something called Picasa. Being ignorant to how blogs work I had no clue my photos on my blog were stored somewhere else.  When I deleted the old email address all those photos went with it.  Sigh.

I find this to be a real issue since this is an art blog and what I write describes how I made the art. Grrrrrr.  This whole change my email address is getting on my last nerve.  I will slowly add the photos for the last two years back into the blog.  I'm not sure where the really old photos are at this point.  

Years ago my sister, who was married to an artist, was complaining about her husband not being able to fix something... my grandmother was laying in a hospital bed and gave my sister these words, "A Painter is not a Plumber."  My grandmother was dying and no one knew she was even listening to my sister talk to my mother.  Those words have great meaning in my family... And today I'll just say... A fledgling artist is not a computer guru, please be patient with me and this silly blog.