Monday, February 16, 2015

I Forgot About My Tool Kit

Sometimes life is difficult. There are things that I can't do anything about.  Sometimes it seems that things all happen at the same time.  I felt like that on Saturday. For a little while I felt like I was carrying a lot stuff all by myself. 

I want to hide when I feel like that so I decided to take a nap.  Once I was quiet, this image came to mind. It's how I felt. It wouldn't let me sleep so I got up and made it.

Making art helps me process all the craziness in my head. I can't control life around me but I can control what I put on paper. I used all sorts of leftover pieces of paper to make the "worries" I was feeling.  They are different shapes, sizes and colors... just like real life. Some have rough edges.  I wrote all about how I was feeling around the person. Then I painted over the writing. It was private and I just needed to say it and let it go. 

I am a messy artist. I think that is part of my process too. I can totally let go when I create. I end up with bits of paper everywhere. I save piece from other projects and cut images from catalogs and magazine. Often they are stacked high to the side of my workspace.  That was the case on Saturday.  The pile took a nose dive off my table and all over the floor.

When I began to pick up the papers I found the "Tool Kits".  I cut them out of a Vacation Bible School catalog months ago.  I am a great believer in "Letting Go and Letting God"... I just have to remember to do it.  Sometimes (because I'm a human doing instead of a human being) I forget that if I give my worries to God, He will help me carry them.  My God has a great sense of humor and sometimes gives me a little push that I can visually see.  The Tool Kits were my push, my reminder, that I'm not alone and that He will help me with whatever is going on in my life and in my world.  

I have felt so much better since I finished this page. I gave my worries and concerns to God and for today, I know he's got them. I smile when I look at those Tool Kits. He gave me the tools to deal with life and He sent me a reminder when I was so caught up in my head that I didn't remember that I had the  tools. 

THE ART:  This piece was done with acrylic paint, leftover papers and matte medium.  The diamond background is a Patti Parrish Istencil.  The person and words at the bottom were done with Inktense Pencils and the outlining was done with Stabilo All Pencils. The word Tool Kit at the top are letters stickers from my stash.  

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