Friday, January 16, 2015

Play feeds the Soul

The Art
This page is done in my recycled recipe book. I love this little book. It has thick coated pages that take wet mediums so well.   I started this page with no idea in mind except to use paint.  The need for paint was strong this day. The page already had big dots of paint on it because I used it to cleaned my brushes one day. The colors are mostly Distressed Paint by Tim Holtz and Adirondack paint by Ranger.  

I used a lid from a bottle and navy blue to make the big rings. I used a Mr. Huey Studio Calico Mister Huey's Mask Circle Graph in the background. It is one of my favorite masks. The dragonflies and flowers are from a stencil someone gave me. Sorry no brand name. The writing is from a stamp that Lori gave me. I think it's an unmounted Hero Arts stamp. It was stamped with Archival Ink.

When you are a collector of what other people are giving away, you often end up with supplies with no brand name on them.  I'm that person.... the one people think of when they don't want to throw something away but don't want it anymore.  Down the road, they call me and say... can I borrow that thing I gave you.  LOL... I'm the collector.  I come by it honestly. My dad has a wood shop full of nails that his company was getting rid of before he retired. He's been retired 20 years!

Thoughts and Feelings
I believe that playing feeds the soul.  This subject has been on my mind recently.  I have friends who don't know how to play. Everything they do has to have a purpose.  Even reading for one is for escape.   They don't know how to do things just for fun.

Just typing that made me feel tired.  I know that my mind, body and spirit need to relax and unwind. Life is sometimes stressful. That is unavoidable so I have things that help me. There are three things in my life that help me relax and remove the effects stress. 

The first is reading. I read novels. I have very eclectic tastes.  I might read a romance one day and an FBI thriller the next.  I don't read to improve my mind. I read totally for entertainment and relaxation.  If I go too many days without reading I get irritable and discontent.

The second is talking with a friend, usually about art. A friend who will listen when I'm down and rejoice with me when I happy is rare and wonderful thing.

The third thing I do is Art Journal.  I try to do something creative everyday. I don't always art journal and on days when I can't journal, I doodle or practice my lettering.  Art Journaling is the best form of play I've found.  I'm not a very physically active person so playing ball or exercising doesn't do it for me.  Art does.

I can arrive home tired and stressed and after an hour at my art table I feel so much better. I love to have painty fingers. Some days I get so involved in the process of creating that two or three hours will go by with me even realizing it.  That is the perfect form of play for me.  

Why Art Journaling?  NO RULES!!  That is why it a form of play for me.  I am totally free to do whatever I want.  I can just scribble if I want. It's my book and anything goes in it.  I feel totally free when I art journal.

I hope you will give art journaling a try.  Remember.... No rules... just fun.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.  I'd love to hear what you think about art and play.


  1. Boo, this is really beautiful. I think a lot of us older folks were taught that we could play only after everything else was taken care of. At 80 years old, it is a habit that is hard to break. However, like you, I find reading relaxing and I too have eclectic tastes. I am in Jo's art class on Saturdays and she is trying to help me loosen up. Thank goodness for arty friends.

  2. I like the butterflies are my weakness. Saludos

  3. Beautiful! I just looked up the alcohol inks by Tim Holtz, and came across a recipe for homemade alcohol inks where you mix 1/3 food color with 2/3 rubbing alcohol to make the inks. Then you use rubbing alcohol as needed to help the colors move. Have you ever tried this?

  4. magical page! Wonderful post and thoughts about art and life too. Happy PPF!

  5. Such magnificent layers and stencils and colours. A bright and cheery page that I'm glad fed your soul and lightened your heart :o))

  6. Who would have thought to recycle/ reuse a recipe book. Great idea! Thanks for inspiration.

  7. Boo, I certainly enjoyed this post. I have seen your "little book" and it is delightful. To me, the background on this page has a Northern Lights feel about it. . . beautiful colors and a nice, peaceful look . . . very calming.

  8. Very cool journal page ~ and I love that it's repurposed recipe book!


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