Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Mail and Swaps

 Happy Mail!!  
"What is Happy Mail?" you ask? Artists send happy mail to each other. It may be a card, a drawing or a small gift. It often includes little bits of things we, mixed media artists, think would be fun to use in a project.

I recently participated in a one for one swap.  We used the Hot Air Balloon from Stampington's Tempting Templates.  If you have never visited their page.. check it out. They have very cool templates.   

When my Hot Air Balloon arrived from Scotland it came loaded with other goodies.  Wee Man sent me a personalize ICAD with a dog on it.  He knows dogs are my favorite animals.

Mo included a whole passel of Mixed Media goodies: die cuts, book pages, a page from her newspaper with my birth date on it, feathers and ribbons.  I will have a great time playing with all this ephemera.  

Isn't this balloon just darling? I've hung it from my living room curtain so I can see it every time I sit down.


  1. That IS so cool! Happy Mail and the goodies and of course the sweet friends that sent them. AND I had no idea about those free templates from Stampington. No idea at all - thank you for the inspiration xo

  2. This is so cool Boo, I'm so happy you enjoyed getting the packet of 'stuff' and Wee Man is chuffed that his ICArD is up here on your blog. He will be doing a blog post fairly soon, to show off more of what he's been up to *wink wink* ((hugs)) :D

  3. Such wonderful happy mail! Thank you for the reminder about Stampington's templates. I had forgotten about them.

  4. To be able to decorate your home with things friends have made is wonderful. I try to surround myself with art that makes me happy. I didn't know you had this blog so now I am subscribing.
    Sandy 7

  5. Ignore the 7 behind my name - I made a typing boo boo!
    Sandy xx


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