Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cut Up Your Stencil?????

I love Carolyn Dube. I may have said that before. I really think Carolyn and I might be Art Soul Sisters who have never met. I love her laid back philosophy about art.  There are so many times I watch one of her videos and I hear her say something that I've thought or done.  

In her latest video, she actually takes a pair of scissors to one of her stencils. I confess I have also done this.  

Then she gives herself permission to leave a page unfinished.  I have recently given myself permission to do that as well.  I was thinking about some of my unfinished pages as I prepared for my day.  Lo and behold, I look online an hour later and here is Carolyn doing a video about that very subject.  Check out her video here.  I love that tree.

Here is a page I started before my hand surgery...

It is made from scraps of gelli prints and paint. When I'm not sure what I want to create, I often start by throw some paint on the page and then gluing leftovers on the page.

I don't know if it's finished or not... What do you think? 

Link to: Carolyn Dube

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  1. Excellent page Boo, love all the colors. I would say it's unfinished, but that's only my opinion of course. What ever you decide, will of course, be right :o))
    Hope to see the video soon :o))


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