Thursday, October 2, 2014

Math in Art? Sure Why Not?

I am a very blessed person. I can name 8 friends who would be there for me if I was really in need.  These are people who have given me emotional support through some really hard times. I didn't realize there were so many until I started to write this blog. I am honored and amazed to be loved by these wonderful people.

I made this card for one of them. She will know it's for her because of the background. I made that background just for her.  She has a thing for numbers and Halloween.  
I made the background in MS Publisher.  It is the part of the endless number of Pi.  Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.. Its a transcendental number. Its decimal representation never terminates nor repeats. It is my friend's favorite number.  

The trees are a Crafter's Workshop stencil and Archival Sepia Ink.  I used Archival Library Green and Manganese Blue and Adirondack Terracotta on the background.  The pumpkins and witch are cut from cotton fabric. The grass is two shades green Distressed Stickles. It is so fun to make something for someone when you know they will really like it.

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  1. Lovely card Boo and how sweet that you made it so personal to your friend. You are very kind :0))


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