Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Circles of Thoughts

How the Art Was Done.
Gesso the page and follow with a coat of blue paint.  I used a couple of different stencils and a baby wipe to remove part of the blue paint. Doing that gives it a soft look.

I've been seeing people on The Documented Life blog doing circles so I gave them a try.  They are simply circles of paint on two different backgrounds and then black circles drawn around the color. 

When a person is in recovery..( whether that recovery is from co-dependence,depression, drugs, alcohol, eating disorder, physical/emotional abuse or anxiety to name a few) we meet people walking along that same path.  We help and support each other on our journey.  Sometimes we find people who we can finally trust enough to be who we really are.

One of the most magnificent things I've ever experienced is being loved and accepted by someone who knows all my warts and quirts. Being accepted when I'm being selfish, controlling or just wacky as a bed bug.  Having friends who look at me and see all the good in me as well as all of my baggage and love me. I have meet people that I love that way too.  It's amazing to see I can be that accepting and loving toward others.

It's amazing to have someone love me until I can love myself.  I have done that for others too.  I know people I love and I will love until they can love themselves. It's difficult to watch those people struggle along their path.  The co-dependent part of me wants to help them or "fix it" for them.  That doesn't really help them and it feeds my belief that I can "fix" everything.  That is one of my defects of character.  My belief that I know what is best for other people... I don't really. I just think I do because if I believe that, I feel less helpless when someone I care about is hurting.  "Fixing It" is usually a huge control flag for me.  If I'm all about fixing something for someone else than I am feeling the need to be in control.  

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  1. This is a wonderful page Boo and an idea that could be used for so many times of stress or tension in ones life. Thanks for sharing and for the 'how to', too ;-)


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