Monday, May 5, 2014

Hands of Love

The hands you see here belong to my dad. My whole life those hands have worked hard to take care of me and my family.

My dad likes to work with wood.  I have so many memories of things I've seen his hands do. They painted our house.  They helped me learn to swim. They made kites for all the kids in the neighborhood. They made so many sets of blocks for small children that we've lost count. They helped me make a science project about magnets and they helped me letter posters for school projects. They taught me how to make neatly wrapped Christmas packages. They made many, many cool gifts to sell at craft fairs.  

The last huge project they did with me was help me put quarter round down in my home. They taught me how to use a compressor and nail gun.

The hands are older now but they still makes things.  They make craft kits for all the children at Plant Camp every year.  They grow vegetables.  In these pictures they helped me make a bulletin board out of recycled wood and chicken wire.  They are ture hands of love.

The background is wine colored craft paint and a stencil someone gave me.  I printed the photos on a laser copy machine..  All my artsy, crafty talents I get from my dad.  

Link to:  Journal 52 hands prompt.  Artist Play Room


  1. It's beautiful, Boo, the art and the explanation. I very much admire men who use their strength in such loving ways as you described. You made me think of the song "Daddy's Hands" (you can listen to it here if you've never heard it: ). This is such a beautiful tribute to your dad. You made me tear up! But I will gladly cry happy tears for good things. <3<3<3

  2. A little late but here I am -- your father sounds like my husband.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your dad and how beautiful that he is still here to enjoy your art too <3


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