Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I started this page because the challenge this week at Journal 52 is Nostalgia.  I mulled several ideas over in my head and then I saw this picture in an old Child Craft Encyclopedia.  It reminded me of my one and only train trip.  My grandmother wanted me to experience traveling by train before they were phased out in the area where we lived. We traveled from Memphis to New Orleans to Houston.  I wish I could do it again.

I am really missing my grandmother right now.  I think part of that might be because I'm watching my friend, Mo, spend so much time with her grandson.  Logan will have so many wonderful memories of his grandmother because she spends so many quality hours with him.  I would not give all the money in the world for the many, many hours I spend with my grandmother.  This one's for you, Mamaw New Orleans.


  1. I like your nostalgia image...but I have something else to tell you. You have won the Mandarin Orange Monday Giveaway:)))

  2. I love this page Boo, and to hear about your train trip! I've never been on a train...I think it would be very interesting! I am sorry you are missing your grandmother...I think about mine a lot too. She was an amazing lady, and a lot of my good memories as a child revolve around her. She passed away when I was only 11 or 12, and that's been 20 years ago, but my memories of her are still very vivid. I think it is a strange thing how our memories work, isn't it? But I'm glad that we have them and that we both had very good grandmothers, who loved us and who we love still and who left us with all the good times to remember. <3<3<3

    Also, congratulations on being Mandarin Orange Monday winner! :)

  3. Another emotional piece and another big 'Love' from me. I am so grateful to have my Logan in my life. I appreciate every blessed moment and I hope that my time with him will leave lots of positive memories with him that will last him through his life as he grows, and God willing, become an independent young man.

    Congrats on your prize Boo, it sounds like a wonderful one :D


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