Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Act of Creating is the True Gift

Thoughts:  I am finding that I am called more and more to create with paint and paper.  I feel more in tune with myself when I'm at my art table. I feel free of the restraints of the world when sitting at the cluttered little table surrounded by bits of paper and glue. I truly believe that whatever creative talents I have are a gift from God. The gift is how I feel when I'm creating. I'm content. The stress of the day slides away and I am at peace. The finished piece is secondary to the calmness and serenity the act of creating gives to me. That is the true gift from God.  

The Art: I used a heavy coat of thick gesso to create some texture. I used a pallet knife to make swirls in the thick gesso. I started by trying to drip orange paint but it was too thick so I used a brush and a spray bottle. I was working towards getting puddles of color in the ridges but was not too successful. I turned the page sideways to get a few green drips and used a paint brush for the blue. I wiped most of the blue off with a baby wipe. The birds are a Stencil Girl stencil that I traced and cut out in different pieces of background paper. I went back and stenciled on the legs. The words have no hidden meaning....they are just the words that came to mind when I looked at the piece.  I'm still not sure if I really like this piece. The background is "so-so."  I can tell you that when I finished this page I was feeling much better than when I started it, so for me, it is a true success.  How does creating make you feel?


  1. Hmm, for me it is a must :-)
    And you are on the right track, baby!!

  2. Thank you, Gabrielle. It is becoming a must for me too.

  3. The whole page is wonderful, it makes me smile. I love the colours and the patterns.
    I lose myself when I'm creating. Whatever it is. I can look up and two or three hours have gone. I feel so much pleasure also, in looking at others work. I see some and my heart skips a beat. I love that feeling and hope that one day I will feel like that about something I have created myself. xx

  4. Boo, to answer your question I will quote you, "The finished piece is secondary to the calmness and serenity the act of creating gives to me." - my sentiments exactly! :-) Creating is my meditation. Time stands still.
    Love your page, such cooool birdies!


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